From your child’s first class to their graduating performance DPAC has something for everyone! It gets even better DPAC is

More Than Just Great Dancing ™! Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful,

confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.


Take your first steps with us at Devoted Performing Arts Center!

Our Children’s Classes focus on nurturing the love of dance and instilling a passion for the arts,

while also providing a top notch Dance education.


These classes are for dancers age 7 and up who love to dance.

Advancement is based on correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation- not by age- which means all classes have a variety of age levels. Students spend an average of two – three years at each level before mastering the skills to advance. Students may receive an annual skills test. Ballet II students take an additional vocabulary test. 

*Placement is required, Pre-Approval password is needed to register online.