Unlock your child’s natural learning & reasoning skills at an early age!
Our music curriculum is innovative, structured, and progressive. Whether your child joins us for a
Summer Workshop or for one of our scheduled classes, they will be sure to make that
magical connection between both hemispheres of the brain all while having a blast!

MusicFun Time Classes

Through small group classes children use musical crafts, worksheets, games and instruments in a fun and exciting way
to explore and nurture a strong music foundation which becomes a way of life. Through our program children learn to
read music notation, rhymes and symbols, as well as play the instrument of their choosing!

Join us for our Music FunTime Summer Camp. If you know someone who wants to join us for a fun and exciting week of exploring instruments 🎹, learning basic music notations 🎶 , move along with our musical games 🤸‍♂️, and innovate through arts & Crafts 🎨 beginning this Monday or in future weeks we have offered they can register at the link below. We hope to see you there.